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“New year new me?! Not me! I am the same me as I was last year except for one vital change (which wasn’t a resolution!) …I am now a vegan! The choice to change was down to the health benefits initially but as I read more and learned more I decided that this was just a bridge to the real reason why I chose to transition to a Vegan diet…the ethics. I am not about to lecture you or anyone for not being a Vegan, this was my choice alone and I believe it should be everyone’s choice of their own accord. I will try to tempt you to open your mind, tastebuds and opinions through the medium of food and since its Veganuary why not start with a recipe that has been very popular on Facebook, via my personal Vegan recipe page (@thefoodrhino) and also with our local magazine Just Beverley and it is set to grace the official Veganuary website within the next few weeks.

Come and try the Falafels at our Café/Bar………which is open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am until 4 pm.

Lemon & Coriander Falafel [Makes 5]


1 X 400g Tin Drained Chickpeas
6 Cloves garlic crushed into a paste
1 Tsp sea sat
1 Tsp ground pepper
50g Gluten free flour
1 x Lemon zest & juice
60g Chopped coriander
1 x Finely chopped red onion


Sweat the onion and garlic until soft with a drizzle of olive oil, salt & pepper. Remove from the heat and stir in the coriander. Put your drained chickpeas into the pan and crush with the bottom side of a ladle or potato masher. Once you are happy with the chickpea consistency add the lemon zest/juice and gluten-free flour. Mix this all together and season if necessary. Divide into 5 balls and flatten into small circles. Shallow fry until caramelised on both sides.



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