The Lord RobERT’s Wall

Local artist Emma Garness has teamed up with Year 6 pupils from Minster Primary School in Beverley to create new and exciting artwork at the East Riding Theatre.

The unique project is exhibited on ERT’s ‘Lord Roberts Wall’, a space in the café bar of the theatre where local artists are encouraged to create art in situ and leave it on display for 3 months.

Emma Garness, has led the activity and comments ‘This project challenged the whole of year 6 at Minster Primary to create a piece of artwork that is both innovative and inventive. The art is intended draw attention and to create a focal point for ERT’s patrons.’

Pupils made sketches whilst visiting the Theatre and also from the viewing point at the top of the Treasure House in Beverley. They achieved this by using a small frame, as a tool to focus in on the lines and architecture in front of them, before tracing the local townscape onto plastic sheeting.

Emma continues ‘Their preliminaries studies were then taken back to school and used as inspiration to find the right shapes, colours and compositions to design and construct their own individual brick.’

Emma is thrilled that ERT has provided children with opportunities to publicly display their work and says, ‘My favourite response from one student was “I don’t normally like artwork, but this project has been ace”.

After 3 months on display at the theatre, the artwork will live on by returning to Minster Primary School.

Come and see the artwork – Tuesday to Saturday 10 am- 4 pm

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