The Lord RobERT’s Wall Project

Garry Whitehead – Homage to Hockney April 2018

3 Months of Fame

Why not put your mark on LORD ROBERT’S WALL – ERT’s exciting mural art exhibition?

We’ve unashamedly used the idea of New York’s famous ‘Bowery Wall’ where, every three months, new artists re-paint the graffiti wall with bang-up-to-date attention-grabbing artwork. It’s all about art reflecting today’s fast-paced world where images are constantly erased and updated.

Whether your passion is for abstract pieces, landscapes or portraits, take the opportunity to display your work free of charge at ERT for audiences and visitors to witness both the creative process and the end-result.

You’ll receive two free tickets to an ERT production too – so what’s stopping you?

How to Apply

We’d love to receive concept designs accompanied by a brief, written description of your proposed work.  If your work is accepted, we’ll contact you with commencement dates, and a period of 5 days (Tues-Sat) will be allowed for completion. We don’t want to pin you down though so please call us if you’d like to discuss alternative arrangements.

Please be aware, you will be expected to provide your own materials but we will do our best to help where we can. Whilst the work is on display, you will receive a 10% discount on tempting food and soft drinks from our café bar because at ERT we’re always keen to fuel those creative juices!

Send applications to or contact Matt on 01482 874050 if you have any questions

Year 6 pupils from Beverley Minster Primary School Garry Whitehead

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