Alice’s Eggstravaganza

Alice's Eggstravaganza In Wonderland

Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th April 11 am & 2 pm

She Productions and White Rabbit Chocolatiers present…

Alice’s Eggstravaganza in Wonderland

Deep down the rabbit warren things aren't quite as they seem. A family feud has shaken Wonderland to its core and the two cotton-tailed siblings, Easter Bunny and White Rabbit, have let their jealousy get the better of them...

Today is the Queen of Hearts' Annual Eggstravaganza Party and she is relying on the Easter Bunny to deliver her prized chocolate eggs. But the Easter Bunny has awoken this morning to an empty basket and a missing sister. Alice needs your help to retrieve the eggs and return them to their rightful owner or it's "off with their heads"!

Join She Productions in this well-loved musical promenade where the Wonderland locals, including a first-time appearance from the Mad Hatter, will having you singing and dancing in search for the runaway rabbit.


Wednesday 17th April- 11am & 2pm*

Thursday 18th April- 11am & 2pm*

Friday 19th April- 11am** & 2pm**

Saturday 20th April-11am & 2pm

Tickets: £6-10

 *Includes a limited edition White Rabbit Chocolatiers’ Chocolate workshop

** Includes special Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (please let Box Office know about any dietary requirements)

Access: This is a promenade piece which moves between East Riding Theatre & Beverley Library. It is a short walk (approx. 100m each way) on wide pavements with pedestrian crossings. For more access info please email

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