George Egg Movable Feast

George Egg Movable Feast

Sunday 21st July 7.30 pm

Previewing before it heads to the Edinburgh Fringe comes a BRAND NEW comedy-and-cooking show from the award-winning stand-up who makes real food live on stage.

In his first show, ‘Anarchist Cook’, George made a meal in a hotel room with complimentary appliances. In his second, ‘DIY Chef’, he was stuck in a shed cooking with tools. In this show, he’s on the road! It’s time for Planes, Trains and Automob-meals (sorry).

During an evening of live cooking and laugh-out-loud comedy George demonstrates how to procure items from the train buffet trolley, beat the rip-off restaurant prices at the airport and even how to turn unexpected road-works into a picnic. It’s cheeky, anarchic and creative, a multisensory show rich in humour and sprinkled with handy hacks. Three plates of gourmet food cooked live in the most unconventional ways and with the opportunity to taste the results at the end, provided you can stop laughing.

“Trust us, you won’t believe how good the food is.”
The Scotsman

“The wonderfully talented George Egg is genuinely unique.”
The Independent

“Brilliantly funny.”
The Observer

Tickets £12-14

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