Val Wood To Unveil Mural

Val Wood to unveil mural at Flemingate

Friday 8th March 1 pm

ERT & She Productions have been working on an exciting project with local school children at Molescroft, Keldmarsh, Tickton and St Mary’s Primary schools looking at the stories of 5 inspirational Yorkshire women.

Local artist Emma Garness helped the children use the stories they’d discovered to paint artwork on petal shaped canvasses which have been sewn together creating a celebratory Yorkshire Rose mural.

Val Wood says "On International Women’s Day we celebrate the roles of incredible women who, throughout the years of opposition were determined to prove their true worth: in particular today we are thinking of our own Yorkshire women who have made an impact not only on their lives but on others too by their inspiration.

As a novelist, I write of fictional 19th strong women in an era when women had to hide their talent; women who wanted to become doctors, scientists, inventors and engineers and were rebuffed because they were women. There were some in medicine and science who continued with their work, delivering scientific papers under their father’s or husband’s names, choosing to work at what they believed in, rather than receive accolades.

Those days are gone and today’s children, as we see through this wonderful project and their work with ERT on Yorkshire’s inspirational women, are equal."

Val will unveil the mural at Flemingate, Beverley on Friday 8th March at 1 pm

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