Maintenance Week!

In a single week, whilst politics continued to divide the nation, ERT volunteers showed by example the power of communal effort and community pride during our annual deep clean and maintenance week.

Here's a snap-shot of what they achieved:

A complete refit of the bar, designed and engineered by Mick Orton, and erected by Mick and Ed Baldock.

A major alteration to the front of the stage by Duncan Meredith to accommodate speakers.

We’d like to say a special thanks to electricians Robert Eales and Geoff Gallifant without whom we’d literally be the dark!

A repaint of public areas, led by Richard Avery and his wizard brush-welding team.

A mammoth 'big' clean of the building undertaken by an army of willing soap-sudded hands.

And all of this sustained by Cis's endless tea and biscuits!

With too many amazing people to name individually we send a huge thanks to all, including our wonderful coordinators Maggie and Janet and our stalwart Box Office volunteers who sold tickets amongst the mayhem.

No politics, no fuss, no squabbles, no sides. 

Just love for our wonderful theatre.  

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