Angels of the North

Written by: John Godber
Directed by: John Godber
Thurs 5th - Sat 28th March
7.30pm & 2.30 pm
Price: £15.50 - £16.50

Dennis and Mick are the worst taxi drivers in Yorkshire, ignorant, opinionated and guaranteed to be late! But that will all have to change now Roxy’s joined the firm, she is savvy, streetwise and young.

This hilarious, fast-paced comedy will have you in stitches as it takes you on a bumpy ride through a northern city. You’ll laugh at their antics and the people they meet, but back at the office, personalities clash as generations collide.

Are Dennis and Mick really the grumpiest men on the street. Or are they actually angels in disguise?

In a world that’s going mad, we might just need the Angels of the North. Book now the meter is running!

Starring John Godber, Adrian Hood & Martha Godber