Craft a mini theatre!

11th February 2021

Need a fun activity for the family? Emma Garness walks you through how to make a little theatre with your little ones.



-Spray paint or paint
-Character images from magazines or drawn.
-Sticks for puppets.


1. Cut front window out of shoebox lid, leaving an inch boarder. Cut out a rectangle shape from on side, leaving yourself a good size gap once the lid is replaced. This allows space for your stick characters to be dropped down onto the stage space.

2. Spray whole shoebox or paint in your favourite colour.

3. Cut a piece of card to fit the backdrop of the shoebox.

4. Glue a background image from your magazine onto the card. Fix in place.

5. Glue character images from magazines to card then cut out and tape to the sticks, making sure the sticks are pointing up, as your characters will be dropping down into the theatre.

6. Enjoy creating and adding new images and characters as your story unfolds.

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