26th February 2021

We want you to learn more about our amazing volunteers. So… this week our brilliant volunteer Angela is going to tell you a little bit about themself.


Where were you born and raised?
Born and raised in Hull.
What is one of your best memories from childhood?
Dancing classes, concerts for Dr. Barnardos, and pantomimes.


What was/is your job?
Secretary – shared ownership in a small boutique. Then I trained as an audiometrician for the primary healthcare team at Addenbrooks, Cambridge.


What is one of your best memories from your working life?
Discovering the profoundly deaf hearing loss of a three-year-old who had slipped through the net of previous tests.
Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?
Music, reading, theatre, playing the piano, and the tenor Ukulele.


What is your favourite song?
Thank you for the Music.


What do you normally do when volunteering your time to the theatre?
Front of House and the occasional office jobs.


What is one of your best memories from volunteering with ERT?
The opening night of A Christmas Carol. ERT has such a warm, wonderful, and friendly atmosphere. There’s always such an amazing buzz before a performance. I’m very proud to be part of it all.


And finally, what has been your favourite ERT production?
Difficult to choose one! Beryl, Good People, The Night Season, and Goodnight Mr. Tom.


Thank you for everything you do Angela!


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