Flagship in Concert

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Tuesday 19th July
Price: £12

FLAGSHIP is an East Yorkshire based band that mixes Folk music with Prog Rock and an eclectic mix of other styles. The 5 musicians are all “experienced” having played in bands for well over 200 years between them. Originally set up as a vehicle for the songs of Beverley musician and songwriter John Brien, it has evolved into a group of friends who all have input into the arrangements. The idea is to interpret the words of the songs with the style and sound of the music.

Flagship have been together in their present form for about 4 years but a few health issues within the band, followed by one that affected quite a few more people around the country, have transpired to reduce the number of concerts played to a very few. But we’ve been practicing together and generally enjoying ourselves for a while now and are as ready as we’ll ever be to bring you a selection of our songs. Most (but not all any more) have been written or co-written by John who likes to write songs about particular subjects or stories. As Mike often says, “John writes the songs and I paint the pictures”. But it’s more than that now – we all have input and the songs have evolved with everyone’s contributions so hopefully people will see and hear that the music and the sounds portray the subject of the lyrics.

Several of the songs are about local history – people, events, even ships; others are about things that go on in the world around us – good and bad. This time, too, there are songs from other members of the band adding an even wider variety to the styles of music you can hear. OK we’re a rock band with rock instruments (albeit without a lead guitar!) but hopefully you’ll pick out that each song is done in a different way.


John has played all sorts of music including rock, folk, musical theatre and covers bands but has always longed for a band to play his own songs.
John played with Mike in Rock Orchestrals in the 1970s (where he also met his wife, Lesley).
Mike played professionally on the continent in the late 60s and early 70s and for many years until the 2000s in the functions band, Rockit.
John played with Rick in a covers band in the 90s.
Rick has played several styles of music including a jazz rock band and a blues band in Canada.
John hasn’t played in a band with Leon before but Lesley has ! They met in the Bridlington-based vocal group, Coastal Voices.
John played with Tweedy in the 1980s in the backstage band for the Tim Rice musical “Blondel”.
Tweedy has played in a large number of bands over the years as well as being a drum and percussion teacher both privately and at the Albemarle Music Centre in Hull.

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