Micheal Nagasaka & Martyn Potter

Written by: N/a
Directed by: N/a
19th June
2:00PM onwards
Price: FREE or Pay What You Feel

Stage4Beverley are delighted to welcome back to their “Summer Outing” Michael Nagasaka and Martyn Potter. They are fingerstyle guitarists who performed for us at the Stage4Beverley festival in 2020. They were such a great success that they became an instant hit with the audience. They are multitalented and can play, and sing, Gypsy Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Pop classics and anything in between.

For Stage4Beverley’s “Summer Outing” they will also play and sing songs from José Feliciano’s album ‘Feliciano’ which he won two Grammys in 1969 (50 years ago!).

It will be very informal, just come along, bring in your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the music for as long as you are able to, before carrying on with your day. A perfect way to sit and relax on a Saturday afternoon in June!

TEAS & COFFEES will be served in the foyer!

Members of the Waterson Carthy family
Micheal Nagasaka & Martyn Potter
Steve Knightley
Juan Martín
The StorytEllas
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