Ruby and the Vinyl

Written by: John Godber & Elizabeth Godber
Directed by: Jane Thornton
Wednesday 2nd March - Saturday 26th March 2022
7.30PM with selected matinees at 2PM
Price: £20 Standard / £15 Student

In Ruby’s Pop-Up record and vintage clothes shop magical things are happening, people are falling in love, finding themselves, sorting their lives and restyling their look! When Lily meets Tom on a wet afternoon they could never have imagined where their relationship would go, from perfect strangers to inseparable lovers. But is everything quite as it seems? Ruby’s shop is an oasis of calm in a chaotic universe, but eventually you have to step back outside, step up and face the chaos!

Featuring BBC supporting artist Ruby Mackintosh and her hypnotic vocals, Ruby and the Vinyl is a new musical with a vintage heart.


★★★★ New Musical Review

Quirky New Musical. The Stage.


Reduced Capacity Performances

Tuesday 8th March, 7.30pm

Wednesday 16th March, 2.00pm

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