23rd Jan - 1st Feb

A mother. A schoolgirl. A businesswoman. A widow. A bride-to-be. And a world-famous singer. Six women on the cusp of a crisis.

In this hilarious & often heart-breaking one-woman play by Joanna Murray-Smith, we explore humanity on the edge of a breakdown.

Stealing Seven Hens

Saturday 15th February 12 pm

Stealing Seven Hens is a journey from rural East Yorkshire in the early 19th century to the far off colonies of Australia where men and women convicted of the most trivial of crimes were taken. This dramatisation puts the 19th-century judicial system in the dock and asks if such a harsh punishment really did fit the crime?

Angels Of The North

4th - 28th March

Mick and Dennis have seen it all and done it all. From airport runs, taking pets to the vet, and delivering babies, it’s all in a day’s work for the local taxi firm. But with Uber on the block, Mick and Dennis’ jobs are under threat. Hop in as these Northern powerhouses fight to survive.

She Productions

Meet ERT’s production company in residence.
She Productions is an all-female collective creating innovative and immersive theatre.


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