Did you hear Tom on the Beverley Podcast?

27th May 2021

The Beverley Podcast is all about the people of Beverley. Created by Social Bods, the podcast interviews people who were born and brought up in the historic market town, and people who live and work there now. Our Financial Director, Tom Wilders, recently made an appearance on the show to talk about what it’s like working in the entertainment industries and how we are coping as an organisation.

Tom talks about what brought him to Beverley, how he ended up working in the theatre industry and just what it is he loves about living here. He also takes a quick look back at his favourite productions, and lets audiences know about how they can support ERT during this difficult time.

Listen to the podcast below, or, learn more about our ‘seat and brick’ campaign at: www.eastridingtheatre.co.uk/name-a-seat-or-brick


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