5th March 2020

Hello Everyone,

As you know ERT is currently closed. But a small and dedicated team of volunteers have been working from home to contact all ticket-holders and arrange refunds/vouchers/donations.

As we cannot access the building, we are currently unable to refund anyone who has booked in person because we can only process those transactions via the onsite PDQ machine. In the meantime, we will record these purchases on each customer’s record. If you require an immediate refund, however, please email with your phone number and you will be contacted asap.

We can’t apologise enough for the extended delay and ask that you bear with us and be patient. We are working as hard as we can to reach you and process the transactions as quickly as possible. We are asking ticket-holders to consider donating the cost of tickets to ensure that our theatre stays thriving, long after this crisis is past.

Everyone we have been in contact with has been so understanding and the support has been incredible, resulting in a few tears shed by our overwhelmed volunteers. We feel blessed to be surrounded by such a kind community.

We have started a programme called WHAT’S ON-LINE AT ERT to connect with our community whilst we are closed. You can currently view this via ERT’S Facebook Page. We are hoping to develop ambitious material over the next few months and further details regarding these plans will follow asap.

Take care of yourself, accept the support of your local community and remember we are in this together.

Best wishes always

The ERT Team

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