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19th April 2021

Put your name or dedication on a seat or brick HERE

As we prepare to install brand new theatre seats, we are thrilled to announce that we have launched a ‘name a seat or brick’ fundraiser.

Many will recall the 45-year-old seats without which we could not have opened our doors for the first time in 2014. The condition of these has sadly deteriorated over closure, to the point that they have unfortunately become unfit for purpose. This has left us with no option but to replace them prior to our reopening. 

Recently we did not receive funding from the Cultural Recovery fund’s second round. As such, we are now asking you to help us raise funds.

By donating towards a seat or a brick you not only help our registered charity build a resilient future, but you also help people in the community continue to access and enjoy high-quality entertainment, training and employment.

For £200 a seat will display a name or dedication of your choice. Or for £50, £100 and £150 you can include a name on a three-inch, six-inch and twelve-inch brick on the theatre’s ‘yellow brick wall’ in the entrance foyer.*


Putting a name or message on one of ERT’s seats or bricks is:

– a perfect way of commemorating someone special
– a unique and lasting birthday or anniversary gift
– a personalised token of your appreciation for a loved one
– a proud expression of your or your business’s support for East Riding Theatre



Theatre Manager, Sue Kirkman said: “It is with some sadness we say goodbye to our familiar old seats; their arrival to ERT in 2014 (a story in itself) symbolises the community spirit on which ERT is built and on which it continues to rely”. Along with the theatre as a whole, the old seats were restored with the help of 80 volunteers and local businesses who kindly donated their goods and services.

Sue went on to explain the rationale: “Unfortunately, as a result of the theatre being closed for the last 12 months, the already frail condition of our seats has declined to such an extent that drastic action was required to maintain the standards our customers expect. Our careful choice of replacement seats remains sensitive to the aesthetics of our Listed building and we believe our audiences will be hugely impressed on their return”.

“When we reopen we want our audiences to be reminded of the quality of ERT’s shows and the standards we aim to uphold right across the evening. From the moment they enter ERT to the moment they head home, we want people to feel comfortable and at ease. Our audience is the most vital part of our future and it’s paramount that they can sit back, relax and finally enjoy a show in-person again.”

*Names will appear on a seat or brick for a period of 5 years.

If you’d like to sponsor a seat or a brick, they are available now at:

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