How to Access ERT’s online content

25th February 2021

During the pandemic we have been unable to host in-person events. In response, we’ve been steadily releasing our content online so that you and your family and friends can continue to enjoy ERT. So far we’ve done workshops, livestreams, book clubs, summer schools, online tutorials and more, all in the hopes of continuing in our mission as a home of creativity in the community.

We nevertheless recognise that not everyone has the knowledge or skills to access or benefit from what we’ve been releasing on the internet. So we thought we’d create this short list of the different ways that you can stay updated and involved in what we’ve been doing.

Social Media

The majority of our work in lockdown is published on our social media accounts. As a theatre we regularly update our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts as they are our first port-of-call to celebrate what we’ve been doing and let you know about upcoming events. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


If you regularly check your emails then why not sign up for our newsletter? Every couple of weeks we’ll email you with a list of online activities, news and information about how you can book and access the online events we’re running during the pandemic. To sign up to our newsletter simply fill in the sign-up form at: 


Since the start of the pandemic we’ve made significant changes to our website. We’ve introduced a ‘blog’ where our audience can catch up on online content that they might have missed, find out more about our amazing volunteers and read special general theatre-related articles. We’ve also created a ‘COVID Support Page’ where you can access a whole range of different resources to help you (and others) during lockdown. Finally, look out for virtual events by visiting the ‘What’s On’ and ‘News’ pages regularly in order to stay up to date.

ERT Posters

If you don’t regularly use the internet, don’t worry! We’ve updated our noticeboards at the front of the building to include a list of upcoming events and information about how you can access them. These will be changed each month so make sure to stop by and have a read during your daily walk.


Hopefully we’ll be able to invite you back in-person soon!


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